Terms and Conditions

1. Upon the signing up of this Terms and Conditions by the Client, Artisense Online (the Agency) agrees to offer its standard digital marketing services. Work commences upon execution of this terms and conditions and shall remain in force until renewed by both parties upon mutual consent.
       1.1 All promotions offered by the Agency come with a one (1) year period of digital marketing services.
2. Conditional upon a minimum of 3 months of trial, either party can terminate by giving a notice in writing at least 14 days before the end trial date.
3. Upon signup of the Agency’s services, the Agency is conferred freehand relating to setups, content creation, engagement and ongoing management of platforms, monitoring and responding among others unless otherwise specified by the Client in writing.
4. The Client is recommended to supply necessary details to the Agency user-ids, password, permissions to dashboards, websites, relevant and current platforms and other necessary details. The Agency will not be held responsible for any late delivery of services due to delay in sending such details to the Agency.
5. Any changes in the terms and conditions contained herein shall be valid only if recorded in writing by person-in-charge of the Client and the Agency.
6. The Agency shall not be liable or responsible for any failure or delay to perform under this terms and conditions when such failure or delay is due to Force Majeure, which shall include fire, riot, strike, lockout, war, civil commotion, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, flood, labour unrest, acts of God, omissions or acts of public authorities, changes in law, regulations or policies of the Government or any other reason beyond the control of the Agency and the Client.