create successful website

While creating a successful website can take your business to a whole new level, the process may seem daunting as there are many elements and aspects to be considered. It is a time-consuming process but with a little creativity and effort, you can create a website for your business and turn it into a moneymaker that keeps your visitors clicking! With great website comes great planning so before we jump right into website creation, we should consider the following:

Set goals

Setting goals is vital when we’re creating a website. A great website should have measurable goals such as increasing web traffic, boosting conversion rates and generating leads.

Create A User-Friendly Website

Websites are meant to be used. They should be clear and intuitive rather than making visitors think in order to use your website. Visitors should be able to find the products or services that they’re looking for to reduce the risk of them exiting your website.

Have A Good Flow

In order to get visitors to take actions on your website, there has to be a flow that directs visitors’ eyes from images/videos towards the “Call to Action” button. Immediately shoving the checkout section to web visitors often scares them away and some may even find it off-putting. Good websites often have a page flow that falls into three categories: awareness, interest and sale.

Include A “Call To Action” Button

This is perhaps the most important step when creating a website. Our goal is to see website visitors take a certain action after they have browsed through the products or services that we offer. This action could be one of the following – sign up, buy now, send message, etc. If the CTA button itself is invisible or does not offer the same value communicated throughout the page, all of the work and effort in creating the website would go to waste!

Have An Eye-Catching Design

When a business has an eye-catching website, it becomes easier to attract more customer conversions. This is because an appealing website tends to make visitors stay longer on your page as compared to a dull-looking website.

Use SEO To Rise Above The Competition

There are billions of websites out there competing for clicks. Landing in the top position on page one of the major search engine is impossible without search engine optimization. It’s important to note that online contents won’t get read if it’s not properly optimized for search. Examples of search engine optimization – researching and comparing the search frequency of keywords, keeping track of keyword density and setting up the meta-tags correctly. If you’d like to find out more, you can always consult us as we’re specialised and experienced in SEO to help boost your business in the online realm!


Once we have created a desired website, driving traffic to it is the next important step. More visitors to our website results in more potential customers seeing and purchasing our products or services. Two invaluable tools that help us to achieve that goal are Facebook Ads and SEO. Facebook and SEO advertising will inevitably help us improve our brand to a larger audience, which then increases the overall brand awareness. If this leads to more people searching for branded keywords, Google will take note of that and view our brand as popular and authoritative. Ultimately, Google will reward our website with great rankings!


by Abel Lee