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Once operating under the roof of Artisense Creative, we have now branched out as Artisense Online Sdn Bhd. With the advent of the digital marketing industry in our country, we are committed to deliver integrated quality digital marketing services to ambitious companies in an increasingly digital world where infinite opportunities continually take place as we move past the millennium.

With our insights into markets and knowledge, we have been raising the bar of our client’s marketing performance to maintain their online presence. We ensure that they are on par with competition through our certified digital marketing experts. In other words, we are committed to being “kaizen” as part of the journey toward our vision and mission.

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vision and mission


Our vision is to see our company achieve milestone track records so we may emerge to be among one of the top digital marketing agencies in Malaysia.


Our mission is to excavate solutions from the depths of digital marketing that will extract what’s best for our clients to bring about positive change to their profits and company wellbeing.

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We place our client’s interest at the top of our priority list with a high commitment. We are serious about meeting their needs and goals. Because of this, we constantly preserve great relationships to ensure we work closely to promote mutual understanding.

market responsive

Market Responsiveness

We change with the world as it moves us. As a digital agency, we are receptive to meet evolving business needs in the digital world. Coupled with this, we are all set to seek and meet new challenges as part of our diverse undertaking.

market exposure

Market Exposure

Our exposure and experience are our assets. We have progressed from when we started in the beginning. With our growth and maturity, we have garnered as much experience to be more dynamic and impactful to transform our clients’ dreams into realities.

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